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Good Luck Walk in Gion

There is only a week left until the end of this year.

Last Saturday, I joined a “Gion Good Luck Walking Tour” organized by Rakutabi.

"Maneki" sign boards hung in front of Minamiza Theater

We visited Yasui Konpira-gu, famous for its power to break off bad relationships and start good ones, and Ebisu Shrine, which has been worshipped by merchants for business success, all while strolling along the streets of Gion and Miyagawa-cho.

Japanese people decorate the entrance of their houses with shimekazari (a small rope made from rice straw) as part of New Year’s preparation. We saw many with the word “Shomon” coming from the phrase “Warau kado niwa fuku kitaru”, which literally means “Good fortune comes to a laughing gate” meaning “Good things will come to positive people” in the Gion area.

Fortune telling slips sold at the Zenkyo-an feature the motifs of boar- 2019’s zodiac sign

This was my second tour with Rakutabi. In October, my son and I participated in a “Mt. Funaoka Walking Tour” organized by Rakutabi and Kyoto City Kita ward office. We were guided through Daitokuji Temple, Kenkun Jinja Shrine and then had a tea ceremony on top of the mountain! That was a memorable experience too. Mt. Funaoka is very close from our office. So we recommend that you explore Mr.Funaoka and some historical sites in the area before or after visiting our office for a visa consultation.

Our office will be closed from Wednesday, December 25 until Sunday, January 5. For new inquires about a CoE (Certificate of Eligibility), visa change and all other immigration-related matters, we will reply from Monday, January 6.

We are grateful for our many new encounters and experiences in 2019.

Thank you for having contacted us through this website.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our new sign board with Nandia


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