Flow of Service


Have a few questions?  Feel free to contact us!


Contact us by using the inquiry form.


Arrange the date and location of the first face-to-face consultation (through skype, zoom, or at a cafe, major train station, our office etc..)


First face-to-face consultation 


Payment in advance (50% of the relevant fees). We will proceed to prepare your application after confirming the payment.


Collection and preparation of application forms and supporting documents.


Signing of relevant documents before submission to relevant authorities.


Submission of application documents at an administrative office.

(e.g. Immigration, Legal Affairs Bureau etc). You don’t have to go to the Immigration.

*After first submission, if we need to submit extra documents, we will let you know as soon as possible.

*For Citizenship Application, you need to go to Legal Affairs Bureau (homukyoku) yourself.


Receiving result and obtaining a residence card/COE. Your residence card/COE will arrive in our office.

We will give it to you after the final payment of the remaining fee.