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What's a Gyoseishoshi?

Gyoseishoshi is a legal profession authorized by the Japanese government to prepare and submit documents to government or administrative bodies in order to get a license or approval.


Among the gyoseishoshi lawyers, Certified Immigration Specialists (shinsei toritsugi gyoseishoshi) registered with the Immigration Bureau are experts in the fields of visa and status of resident’s application.

Yumi Yoshida

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer/Certified Immigration Specialist/ Licensed English-speaking Guide

Hello! My name is Yumi and I live and work in Kyoto.


I graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in 2005. Encounters with a Nikkei (Japanese descendants) Peruvian community in Kanagawa prefecture then made me fall in love with the resilience and experiences of migrant families. Since then I have been fascinated about issues of immigration and multiculturalism.


After graduating from university, I worked for a HR company in Tokyo. During this time I passed the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer examination. In 2009, I left Japan and began a Masters of Development Practice at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. After completing the Master’s degree, I moved to Shanghai, China, and provided career support to Japanese nationals who were looking for jobs there. In 2012, I returned to Japan and started a new life in Kyoto and worked at a university as a coordinator of JICA's training programs, assisting participants from various countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.


In 2018, I decided to run my own legal practice to provide support to foreign individuals with their visa applications. Thus, I registered as an active Gyoseishoshi Lawyer. I also provide advice and support to Japanese people who study and work overseas and those who are committed to the revitalization of local community through the establishment of NPOs.


I love travelling, swimming and collecting baskets. My favorite areas are San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, Gulangyu in the P.R.C., Katong in Singapore, and Shimokitazawa in Tokyo and Kyoto.

I’m married and a mother of a boy.

Languages: English (TOEIC990, IELTS8.0), Chinese (New HSK Level 5), Spanish (DELE Intermedio)

Association: Kyoto Gyoseishoshi Association

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