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Are you considering making Japan as your home country?

The process of naturalization (kika) takes time and requires a lot of paperwork. By using our service, you will complete the process efficiently.

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The process of getting  Japanese citizenship is called kika (naturalization). It is based on the Nationality Act (kokuseki ho) and its jurisdiction is not the Immigration Bureau, but the Legal Affairs Bureau (homu kyoku).
Every year about 10,000 people obtain Japanese nationality. 
If you are wondering whether you are qualified to apply for naturalization, and what documents to prepare, we can help!
Please note that Japan does not permit dual-citizenship, so you have to renounce your current nationality if you choose to obtain Japanese nationality.
Please ask for personalized advice at our first consultation.
*A child with dual nationality born to a Japanese and a non-Japanese parent needs to choose one nationality before reaching the age of 22.
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