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Business Setup


Are you planning to start your own business in Japan? Exciting, isn't it?

Let us help you set up a business and obtain the necessary business licenses so that you can concentrate on management and sales strategies for your business.

Inside Business
Incorporation and Business Manager visa
If your visa (status of residence) is either Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of a Japanese National/ Permanent Resident or Long-term Resident, you can start your business as a sole proprietor or by setting up a company without changing your visa status.
However, if you want to start a business in Japan but don't hold a visa mentioned above, it is necessary to obtain a Business Manager visa. In order to obtain a Business Manager visa, you need to establish a company that meets conditions set by the the Immigration Bureau.
(e.g. the amount of capital of a company has to be at least 5 million yen.) 
We will assist you as you go through the whole process.
  • Make sure you are eligible for a Business Management visa 
  • Register a company (Registration duties are handled by a Judicial Scrivener/Shiho Shoshi)
  • Obtain business licenses if needed in your intended business field
  • Apply for a Business Management visa
Please ask for more details at our first consultation.
Business Licenses
Some business fields in Japan require a business license. 
For example:
  • Guest house 
  • Travel agency
  • Sales of second-hand items
  • Liquor shop
  • Restaurants, cafes etc..
Required documents vary depending on the type of business. When necessary, we will refer you to an expert in the field. Please ask for more details at our first consultation.
Patent Preparation and Prosecution
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