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Seminar in Fukui

On Friday, I went to the Tsuruga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tsuruga city, Fukui prefecture) to attend the seminar titled “Work Style Reform - How we can work effectively with foreign employees” as one of the lecturers. The seminar was organized by the Fukui Work Style Reform Promotion and Support Center, managed by the Office Tsubokawa.

First time in Fukui!

Currently, 8,561 foreigners are working in Fukui prefecture. Among them, those on the status of residence based on personal relationships such as “Long Term Resident”, “Permanent Resident” and “Spouse or Child of Japanese National is 3,800, and 3,900 people are working as a technical intern trainees. I was thrilled to talk to the participating Japanese organizations that are willing to welcome foreigners as employees and exploring what they should do to create an attractive working environment for both foreign employees and Japanese members. It was also a good opportunity for me to contemplate on the revitalization of Japanese suburban cities through increasing number of foreign workers.

Found a dinosaur at a platform!

The Office Tsubokawa has a number of Sharoshi (legal experts in labour and social security) and Gyoseishoshi lawyers, and it has offices across Japan. It is one of the Registered Support Organization (Toroku Shien Kikan) within the Specified Skilled visa scheme. Thank you, the Office Tsubokawa, for giving me the opportunity!

If you are interested in working in Japan, or need immigration services and/or immigration visa advice, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can assist in all Japanese visa issues, from a business visa to other specialist visas.


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