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Hotto Chat events for families raising small children in Kyoto

On Saturday, my son and I went to a Hotto Chat event organized by the Kyoto City International Foundation (KOKOKA).

Cherry blossoms in Okazaki area, Kyoto

Hotto Chat is a place where parents raising children from 0 to 5 years old can exchange information about raising children and interact with each other. (Hotto means “relieve” and “relax” in Japanese.) The event is held once a month and the language used in the event is simple Japanese. This way, foreign parents also can feel free to join.

The theme of this month’s Hotto Chat was ‘Explore the World - Czech Republic-’. Two Czechs who live in Kyoto were invited to the event as lecturers. We did many activities, such as storytelling, a rock-paper-scissors game in the Czech language, and danced to Czech songs! We also enjoyed talking to parents attending the event. Next month’s Hotto Chat event will be a picnic at the Kyoto Botanical Garden. (Booking required)

Rock-paper-scissors in Czech!

KOKOKA organizes various cultural exchange events and provides support for foreign citizens. In addition to Hotto Chat events, they provide Japanese lessons by volunteer members (only 100 yen per lesson!), a medical interpreter service, consultation provided by specialists.

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