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Today I went to the Kannoichi market which I had been wanting to go for a while.

The Kannoichi market is held on the 8th of the month in the Nishijin area in Kyoto. It's only a 15-minute walk from my office so I went there during lunch time with my sister.

It was a small market inside a machiya house in a warm and cozy atmosphere. There were lots of beautiful baskets displayed inside the house! At the market, you can buy organic vegetables, tea and sweets. My sister and I tried a spicy curry and turmeric chai for lunch. It was yummy!

After we left the market, we found Dorato, a shop specializing in honey in the same alley. After tasting several different types of honey, I bought a small bottle of sakura-flavored honey. (You can actually taste cherry blossom!)

In Nishijin, many old alleys and machiya houses still remain and are kept well. I always feel excited to explore these small alleys - you'll never know what you'll find.


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