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Nice to meet you!

Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Yumi, a certified immigration specialist based in Kyoto. In this blog, I will write about multiculturalism in Japan, information on status of residence and also life in Kyoto and travel.

Today I went to an information session about the government's new immigration scheme, hosted by the Ministry of Justice and Japan Finance Corporation. After explanations by representatives from each related ministry, followed a Q&A session. To my surprise, there were many questions about Toroku Shien Kikan, a new agency that provides support to foreign employees on tokutei ginoh (designated skills) type 1, a new working visa, on behalf of their employer.

How will Japan transform itself with the introduction of a new visa in April 2019? I hope the majority of Japanese society sees foreigners as members of Japanese society, not just as temporary worker.


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