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Here are a list of questions often asked about visa and immigration. 

​1. I'm going to work for a company in Japan. Is there a visa (status of residence) available for my spouse to come along with me? 

Spouses and children of people staying in Japan with visa (except for Diplomat, Official, Technical intern, Temporary visit, Dependent, Designated activities and Tokuteiginoh category 1) can stay in Japan with a 'dependent' visa. It is possible for a dependent visa holder to work in Japan below 28 hours per week if he/she obtains permission from the Immigration Bureau.

2. I am married to a Japanese national and currently hold a "Spouse and Child of Japanese Nationals" visa. Am I okay to work with this visa? Do I need to change my spouse visa to a company sponsored visa?

If you hold a family related visa (Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals, Long Term Residents, Permanent Residents, Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals), there is no restriction on the activities to be engaged.

With these visas, you can work in any field or industry and you are free to change jobs. Therefore, you don't need to change your spouse visa to a company sponsored visa.

3. We are a foreign couple in Japan. What immigration procedures do we need to take when our baby is born in Japan?

You need to apply for a permission to acquire Status of Residence for your baby. The application needs to be made within 30 days of the birth of your child. If you don't have time to go to immigration, we can submit an application on your behalf. 

4. I applied for renewal of my visa (status of residence). Can I travel overseas before the result comes out?

Yes. Once you apply for visa renewal at immigration, you can stay in Japan for a maximum of two months after the day of expiry of the period of stay. During this period, you can leave Japan and re-enter under the Special re-entry permit.

5. I currently hold a "Spouse and Child of Japanese Nationals" visa, but I am getting divorced. Can I still stay in Japan?

If you get divorced from your Japanese spouse, it is required to report the divorce to the Immigration within 14 days from the divorce. There is a possibility to to change your spouse visa to a "Long Term Resident" visa if you have lived long enough in Japan and have source of income to support yourself or if you have a child of Japanese nationality to raise in Japan.


If you want personalized advice, please contact us.  

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